museum of science and industry in Chicago

Museum Of Science And Industry, Short Term Housing in Chicago

There are many museums in the world, but what makes the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago unique from others is the title it holds of being the largest science museum in the world. Make sure you visit while staying in short term housing in Chicago.

The Museum of Science and Industry is a treasure of colossal discovery with lots to see. You will come across the 40-foot tornado and a five-story movie screen as well.

Exhibits At The Museum

This Museum of Science and Industry Exhibits in Chicago is for all groups of people whether you are a teen or an older adult, you are going to enjoy and wander in this beautiful museum.

The exhibits here are related to all subjects such as energy, design, chemistry, and all others for people of all cultures and all age groups.

Up to 2,000 exhibits in this museum are displayed in the 75 large halls. You will also come across the World War Two German submarines in this well-known museum.

Yesterday’s Main Street, Whispering Gallery, and Toymaker 3000 are among the popular exhibits here.

Films At The Giant Dome Theatre

In this vast museum, you can enjoy films related to any subject in the Giant Dome Theater, which all people can enjoy.

Tours And Experiences

The most beautiful thing about the Chicago Museum is that there you can do tours and join the events and have unforgettable experiences in the U-505 on-board tour, coal mine tour flight and motion simulator, member holiday evening, and many more.

Here you can also experience science experiments like genetics and the baby chick hatchery, science exploration days, and MSI camps.


This famous Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is located at 5700 S. DuSable. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637.

The Museum of Science and Industry hours are 9:30 am to 4:00 pm throughout the week.

Where To Stay In Chicago

When planning to visit Chicago for a month or longer, you can stay in the short term housing in Chicago, where you will be facilitated in all aspects.

Short Term Rentals Chicago lets you stay in Chicago and enjoy visiting many attractive places like the Museum of Science and Industry and various other locations without worrying about your stay.

There is a luxury furnished apartment in Chicago where you will enjoy ample amenities. Here you will get leisure from bedrooms to outdoor swimming pools. Every part of the apartment makes your stay in Chicago worth visiting.

The Final Words:

Chicago has many well-reputed and famous spots where visitors get unforgettable experiences. The Museum of Science and Industry has everything from films and tours to exhibits and experiments for all people, either under ten or older adults, everyone enjoys here.

Stay with Ryan Corporate Housing while in Chicago which makes it a snap for you to get the most relaxing days throughout your tour to Chicago.

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