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How to Stay Safe and Prepared for the Severe Weather in Chicago

The Chicago area is facing a series of severe weather events that could bring heavy snow, rain, thunderstorms, hail, and strong winds. These conditions could cause power outages, flooding, and dangerous travel. Here are some tips on how to stay safe and prepared for the severe weather in Chicago area.

Check the Weather Forecast and Alerts

The first step is to check the weather forecast and alerts regularly. You can use websites like Weather Underground or NBC Chicago to get the latest updates on the weather situation in your area. You can also sign up for weather alerts from the National Weather Service or your local emergency management agency. These alerts will notify you of any watches, warnings, or advisories that are issued for your location.

Stock Up on Essentials

The next step is to stock up on essentials that you may need in case of a power outage or a prolonged stay at home. These include:

  • Non-perishable food and water for at least three days
  • Flashlights, batteries, candles, and matches
  • First aid kit and medications
  • Warm clothing and blankets
  • Cell phone chargers and battery packs
  • Radio and extra batteries
  • Cash and important documents

Prepare Your Home and Vehicle

The third step is to prepare your home and vehicle for the severe weather. Here are some things you can do:

  • Clear snow and ice from your roof, gutters, and sidewalks
  • Trim any branches that could fall on your home or power lines
  • Insulate your pipes and faucets to prevent freezing
  • Check your furnace and fireplace for proper functioning
  • Have a backup generator or alternative heating source if possible
  • Keep your gas tank full and your windshield wipers working
  • Pack an emergency kit in your car with items like jumper cables, shovel, sand, flares, and blankets
  • Avoid driving in hazardous conditions unless absolutely necessary

Stay Informed and Follow Instructions

The last step is to stay informed and follow instructions from the authorities. You can listen to the radio, watch the TV, or check the internet for the latest news and updates on the severe weather. You can also follow the social media accounts of your local emergency management agency, police department, or utility company for more information. If you are told to evacuate, shelter in place, or take other actions, do so as soon as possible. Your safety and well-being are the most important when staying with us at Ryan Corporate Housing in your short term rental in Chicago, or extended stay.

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