Chicago museum of contemporary photography

Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago

Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago boldly presents thought-provoking photography through groundbreaking exhibitions and programming. In the era of technological advancements, gone are the days when the museum would preserve ancient remains. These days, we now have a museum of photographs that contains portfolios of artists and is the modern museum of art photography.

The Museum of Contemporary Photography is situated in Chicago, Illinois at 600 S Michigan Ave. Columbia College Chicago had the idea of a museum where photographs would be showcased.

Ultimately, the milestone was achieved in 1976, and the idea materialized tremendously and has been a source of attention for photography lovers ever since.

Now you could drive to 600 South Michigan Avenue, Near South Side Chicago, Illinois, and discover the best modern museum of art photography. You enter to witness photographs and art hanging on the walls.

While glancing at the jaw-dropping photos, you realize the immense talent that these emerging photographers hold.

You would not be able to avert your eyes off the walls once you enter that hallway. All credit to this great idea to empower emerging photographers and artists.

It has been 45 years of collecting artistic works of photographers and artists since its inception, and the museum now has a collection of over 15000 of about 1500+ artists and photographers.

The museum has been built to promote, flourish, create, and re-create the art of photography.

The MoCP is also known as the American Museum of Photography since the American Museum Alliance has authorized it. This institution recognizes, backs, and works for the betterment of museums in America.

This American Museum of Photography has played a significant role in building their careers. Some of these are as follows.

Alec Soth:

Alec Soth, belonging to Minneapolis was an emerging talent in the world of photography, but due to a lack of platforms, he remained a common folk. He was only limited to public art exhibitions.

Upon discovering the American Museum of Photography as a modern museum of art photography, he earned his name among the photographers. His famously known project “Sleeping by the Mississippi” had gathered much appreciation from the world.

Soth showcased his first-ever work in the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Fortunately, his work was dearly admired by a Berlin-based gallery owner who had come to the Museum of Contemporary Photography. He offered him a deal, and he eventually became his commercial dealer for a long time ahead in his life.

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