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History and Highlights of Lincoln Park, Chicago

Along the front lake, from Ohio Street to Hollywood Avenue, Lincoln Park is the largest park in the Chicago District.

Facing Lake Michigan, the swath of this park includes beaches, nature reserves, parkland, harbors, and numerous recreational areas. Initially marked as a cemetery, Lincoln Park did not convert into such a recreational area overnight; it took hundreds of years of progression to put into action.

History of Lincoln Park: Chicago

Lincoln park Chicago map outlines the second-largest park in the United States and the largest public park in Chicago.

Lincoln Park wasn’t always this lively as it is now. This land was initially used as the city cemetery, but the corpses raised a health concern as the neighborhood developed.

Thousands of bodies were relocated to other cemeteries to keep the neighborhood clean and lively. Since then, Lincoln Park has grown up north and expanded to an area of about 1200 acres.

The place that was for the dead once has now evolved into one of the most used parks with a footfall of 20 million visitors annually. Lincoln park Chicago homes have a warm and cozy vibe you get to witness when you visit.

Highlights of Lincoln Park: Chicago

●     A Treat For Sports Fanatics

Lincoln Park has several playgrounds and courts that invite sports lovers to the place. It includes soccer fields, baseball, basketball, tennis courts, and volleyball courts, along with an archery and driving range.

●     Home To Artifacts

There are numerous recreation areas in the park where you can spend the entire day visiting museums, public art, landscaped gardens, and bird sanctuaries. The History Museum and the Nature Museum are very popular in the area.

●     The Famous Zoo

Home to over a thousand animals, the Lincoln Park Zoo is the park’s most famous attraction. Categorized as the last of free zoos in the state, this intriguing institute attracts about three and a half million visitors annually.

●     The Architecture Is Breathtaking

Many famous landscape architects have shaped Lincoln park into the beautiful place it is today. The initial design was laid by Swain Nelson, who featured awe-inspiring pathways and compact ponds.

The Waterfall Lagoon and the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool are the most striking landscape features.

●     Cafe Brauer Is Masterpiece

Categorized as a masterpiece by Dwight Perkins, the architect, Cafe Brauer is a majestic highlight of Lincoln Park. Since we are talking about masterpieces, famously known as one of the Prairie School leaders, Perkins also designed the Kovler Lion house in the zoo.

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If you visit Chicago, explore Lincoln Park for its world-class architecture and get amused. Visiting for work or vacation, you can opt for monthly furnished rentals Chicago or luxury furnished apartment Chicago whichever suits you best!

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