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For those seeking a short term rental in Chicago tenancy for anything from a couple of weeks up to 4 or 5 months, short stay apartments provide all the benefits of a long term lease but at significantly cheaper rates. Typically located in city destinations, these apartments are often furnished and come with amenities such as kitchens and living spaces. They tend to mainly attract business travelers and those requiring a short term accommodation solution, perhaps as an interim measure while waiting to move into a long term dwelling, or during renovations to their primary abode.

There are a large number of agencies in Chicago that cater to people looking for short term furnished rentals. With Airbnb dominating the short term market online it can be difficult to find alternatives, but we’ve done some research and picked out some of the best companies offering furnished short term rentals, Corporate Housing in Chicago.

Atwater Apartments Short Term Furnished Rentals View
Atwater Apartments Short Term Furnished Rentals View

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