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Northwestern Hospital Drug Trials in Fight Against Covid-19

These are unprecedented times. We’ve heard this cliché coined many times lately but there is no other way to describe what everyone is experiencing at the moment.  The Coronavirus pandemic is something out of a movie. 

Thousands have died and The White House is predicting that over 240,000 people to follow. All over the world, governments scramble to try to contain the virus by introducing quarantines, self-isolation and “Stay at Home” Orders while the worldwide economy heads into a downward spiral.

Healthcare workers are being put through their paces and feeling the enormous strain while struggling to deal with the urgent care required to treat incoming patients.  Hospitals cancelled tens of thousands of non-urgent surgeries and procedures in order to free up staff and beds to help deal with the outbreak.  Lack of ventilators, medical supplies and equipment are stretching the medical community; fearing that without these essentials, they are not only putting themselves at risk, but also not being able to treat those patients in critical care. Non resuscitation orders are being considered.

Thankfully, a leading Chicago hospital, Northwestern Memorial, just announced that they are conducting trials with a new medication to treat patients with the Coronavirus.  The drug known as Remdesivir, has been found in animal studies to act as an antiviral against coronaviruses.  In addition to one person already having taken the medication, they have lined up 30 people who have agreed to partake in the trial. If Remdesivir works, this could be the medical breakthrough that the world will need (pardon the pun) to breathe.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, is one of the four hospitals of Northwestern Medicine ranked among “America’s Best” by US News & World Report for 2019-2020. It’s also ranked number 1 in Illinois and top 10 in the United States. Northwestern Hospital, which is situated in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, fosters world class research, clinical trials and patient care. People come from all over the world to receive treatment here.

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