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Help Mike Mosher Regain His Speech

Mike Mosher, at the far too young age of 50, had a major stroke in November 2016. It left him with many deficits including loss of his speech, reading, and writing skills (also known as Global Aphasia) as well as total paralysis of his right arm and leg.

Mike’s wife Lori stayed with Ryan Corporate Housing for comfort and location a block away from Shirley Ryan AbilityLab while he has done in-patient therapy.

Mike is the strongest person I know and has remained a fighter through it all. This past year has been consumed by non-stop intense rehabilitation.  Mike and his family have made many sacrifices financially and emotionally; seeking out any form of therapy available, even when it meant traveling afar.  These efforts have paid off as he has regained much of his mobility in his leg and is no longer bound by a wheelchair.  However, now, Mike is more desperate than ever to regain his communication, which in turn will help him regain independence again. 

All resources have been exhausted which is why we are raising money to pay for the University of Michigan’s Intense Aphasia Program.  This program will help Mike with his ultimate desire; which is to go back to his life as he knew it before the stroke.  Mike was a business owner, a dedicated father, and always involved in supporting his community. He was extremely self-driven and passionate about providing for his family and helping everyone around him.  Unfortunately, Mike’s global aphasia has left him feeling meaningless and unable to be that person. We, the family of Mike Mosher, sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our story and donate to his cause. If you would like to understand more about Global Aphasia, check out this video:

To help Mike Mosher, please donate by visiting the following link: Mike Mosher’s GoFundMe Page LINK

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